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2005-2006 Game Reports

Ducks Man-Handle Duck Hunt; Advance to Finals 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, defeated the Duck Hunt on Tuesday by a score of 33-16. The Ducks, who lost to the Hunt in the regular season 16-13, were given a boost by the return of Matt Kloepfer and Mike Carrol Sherwin, who missed the regular season contest. Carrol Sherwin lead the team with 10 points, while Kloepfer added 6. "We were really pumped up for this game," said Rob Bondy, who chipped in 9 points. "None of our shots were falling in our first game against them. We played another great defensive game just like the first one, allowing only 16 points. The difference was our offense." Sean Jarett, Matthew Kruczlnicki and Adam Pensel each added 4, 3, and 1 points respectively. The Ducks next game is Monday against the winner of Wednesday's game between Team Cerrone and the Richmond Oilers. 

Duck Feathers 
Team captain Sean Jarett suffered an ankle injury early in the 3rd quarter, and did not play the rest of the game. He is listed as day to day.

Cerrone's Offense Too Much For Ducks

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, were defeated by Team Cerrone on Friday. While the Ducks started off strong, Cerrone battled back in the first quarter to take the lead. The Ducks, who beat Team Cerrone last season by a score of 14-11, ended the game on a different note, losing 33-24. Sean Jarett had 14 points, while Rob Bondy added 8 and Matt Kloepfer added 2. 

Duck Feathers: The Blue Ducks finish the regular season with a record of 3-2. Carrol Sherwin returned to the team today for his first game played since being removed from the IR. The Blue Ducks are playoff bound. Keep checking the page for updates on game dates.

Ducks Beat Richmond 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, deafeted the Richmond Oilers on Friday by a score of 27-26. The game was tied after the 4th quarter, and went into sudden death foul shots. The Ducks held the lead for most of the game. The largest margin was 6 points. In the 4th, Richmond battled back in the final 3 minutes to tie the game. In the foul shot rounds, Garrett Russel opened up and put the pressure on the Ducks making his first shot. Matt Kloepfer had to keep his composure on his shot with the crowd roaring, and he did. Kraig Sendzik was up next for the Oilers, but couldn't put the ball in the hoop for his team. Sean Jarett was up next for the Ducks and sank his shot to take the 2-1 lead. Tony Robinson was forced to score for Richmond, but missed, winning the game for the Ducks. Jarett finished with 12 points, and Matt Kloepfer turned on the offense and finished with 9. Matt Kruczlnicki and Rob Bondy also pitched in with 3 points each. The Ducks' next game is Friday against league rivals, Team Cerrone. Tickets are on sale now. Contact the Blue Ducks Box Office for more information. 

Duck Feathers: Last year's leading scorer for the ducks, Michael Carrol Sherwin, did not play in Friday's match. Carrol Sherwin clears the IR on January 15th, making him eligable for the Ducks' next game.

Ducks P00n the N00bs 

The Lake George Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, deafeted the Guardians by a score of 48-7 on Wednesday. The Ducks, who shut out the Guardians until late in the 3rd quarter, had a very balanced offensive attack. Led by Rob Bondy with 11 points and Sean Jarett with 9, the Ducks never looked back. The Guardians' first point came on a free throw by Brett Malcolm after he was fouled underneath by Paul Sullivan. "It was a great all around effort," said returning head coach Jason Jarett. "Scoring came from every single player on the team, and that's what's going to make us successful." The Ducks next game is TBA. Keep checking the web page for more information.

Duck Feathers: 
After the Guardians scored their first point of the game, Spencer Knox obtained the rebound on the second shot and put up a layup, scoring for the Guardians. The shocked Knox realized what he had done after teammate Matt Kloepfer shoved him.

Ducks Dominate And 7 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, deafeated And 7 by a score of 42 to 7 on Monday. The Ducks, lead by Sean Jarett with 16 points, earned their first win of the season. "It felt great," said Jarett. "We had a real rough game against the Duck Hunt last week, and this really helped build our confidence back up." Matt Kruczlnicki posted 12 points for the Ducks, including two 3 point field goals. Rob Bondy, Adam Pensel, and Spencer Knox pitched in with 8 points, 4 points, and 2 points respectively. "We didn't have it together at all in the first quarter," said returning head coach Jason Jarett. "But we settled down and stuck to our game plan, and it pulled through for us." The Ducks next game is Wednesday at 2:35 against Nick Dane and the Guradians. Tickets are on sale now. Contact ticketmaster or the Blue Ducks Box Office to purchase yours today! 

Duck Feathers: 
Paul Sullivan missed the game due to family matters. Matt Kloepfer returned from the IR, and lead the defense.

Ducks Can't Escape the Hunt 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, were defeated by the Duck Hunt by a score of 15-12 on Monday. "We didn't go into the game with the right attitude," said Matt Kloepfer, who sat on the sideline with an injured foot. "We took a lot of great shots, but nothing was going in." The Hunt was lead by Roman Skorko and Adam Hilder, while TJ Parker and Brandan Martindale had great games as well. The Ducks Next game is schedualed for Monday, Dec. 19th at 2:35. Tickets are still available. Call the LG Box Office to reserve yours today.

Duck Feathers: Starters Mike Carrol Sherwin and Matt Kloepfer were sidelined with injuries during the game. Keith Esch did not play for the Duck Hunt.