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The Lake George Intermural Basketball League

The Lake George Intramural Basketball League was started in the winter season of 2001. Since then, the league has grown large enough to accomodate two divisions; the Junior division and the Senior division. The league is run by the P.E. staff, and officiated by teachers such as Rob Tefft and Jeff Bennett.

League Outlook:

Senior Division

The Blue Ducks

The Blue Ducks return this year for their fourth season in the LGIBL.† Last season, the Ducks finished in first place in the regular season, going undefeated, playing against teams such as Blind Brook (now
Team Cerrone), The Monstarz (lead by Tony Guidetti), and The Hurricanes (Mike Aptacy).† The Ducks have everyone returning from last year, including leading scorer Mike Carrol Sherwin.† Sean Jarett, Matt Kloepfer, Rob Bondy, and Matt Kruczlnicki will also be key in the Ducks' offense.† As long as the Ducks stay true to their zone defense, they will be in a good position to win the league.

The Guardians

The Guardians are a new team to the league this year started by a new student; Nick Dane.† Dane's roster includes a lot of young faces such as Marcel MŁeller, Andrew Pensel, and Omar Huexayuca.† The team talks a very big game.† We'll see if they have the means to back it up.

Richmond Oilers

The Richond Oilers are a new team to the league this year.† Tony Robinson decided that he was going to start his own franchise rather than joining the Ducks.† The roster consists of Tony Robinson, Garret Russle, Jake Eager, Casey Blackman, Kraig Sendzik, and Brian Fidd.† Jake Eager, Tony Robinson, and Garret Russel will be some great players out on the court.† We'll see how this new team works together.

Team Cerrone

Joe Cerrone and the rest of his team return for their third season in the LGIBL. Cerrone has been the captain and go to guy over the past 3 seasons. Last season, the roster consisted of JT Maple, Joe Cerrone, Ethan Winyal, Dave Lashinsky, Anthony Goodrich, Bryan Bessen, and Jim Donahugh. The Blue Ducks were able to knock off this team with a huge comeback in the third quarter, winning the game 14-11. However, this year the team has added Wes Carr, who played for the Lake George varsity team last season. †Donahugh made the varsity team, but was removed because of his grades, and has rejoined Team Cerrone.† Between Donahugh, Goodrich, Bessen, and Carr, Team Cerrone will be an offensive powerhouse.† The Blue Ducks will have to rely on their speed and zone defense in order to come out with a win.

The Duck Hunt

The Duck Hunt enters its second season in the LGIBL, undergoing a name change. Known as the R.W. Cheerleaders last season, the roster consisted of Dez Crandall, Joe Portes, Mike Fischer, Alex Bruhns, Roman Scorko, and "Claw." Last year's team played undisciplined, fouling every game. Perhaps one of the most memorable fouls is when Fischer threw the ball at the ground earning himself a technical. Joe Portes is the GM of the team, and with additions of TJ Parker, and Adam Hilder, andwith Fischer playing much smarter than last year, they will be a solid team, despite winning only 1 game last season.

And 7

And 7 is entering their first season in the senior division. Organized by Doug Kandora, the team looks sharp this season with the additions of Steve Millington, Justin Erceg, and Steve Mason. And 7 will have a lot of energy, heart, and talent. Only time will tell how well their offense will play against the strong Blue Duck 2-3 zone.

Blue Ducks!