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Ducks to Play Cerrone in Finals 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, announced Wednesday that they will play Team Cerrone in the championship game on Thursday at 2:35. The Ducks were deafeted by Team Cerrone in the regular season by a margin of 9 points. "It will be a great matchup," Spencer Knox told us. "If we stick to our game we can pull through. This is our second straight trip to the finals. Hopefully we can bring it home this year." The game is afterschool on Thursday. Make sure you're there.

Ducks To Play the Duck Hunt 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, announced on Sunday that the team will be playing the Duck Hunt in the semi final round of the playoffs. The Duck Hunt finished the regular season in second place under Team Cerrone with a record of 4-1. The Blue Ducks are looking to avenge a loss in the regular season to the Hunt, and head to the finals for the second straight year. "We didn't play strong against the Hunt by any means in our first game," Matthew Kruczlnicki told us. "Having [Matt] Kloepfer and [Mike Carrol Sherwin] out of the lineup that game killed us." The Ducks defense was solid and only allowed the Hunt to score 16 points during the entire game. However, the offense lacked its luster and produced a measly 13 points. "None of our shots were falling," said team captain Sean Jarett. "Hopefully we'll be a little more lucky this time around." 

The game is scheduled for this Tuesday at 2:35 PM. Great seats are still available, so contact the Blue Ducks Box office to purchase yours today!

Blue Ducks Headed for Playoffs; The Outlook 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, are heading to the playoffs in the coming weeks. The Ducks finished the regular season with a record of 3-2; identical to the regular season record from the 2003-2004 season. Over the past 3 years, the Ducks have a compiled record of 11-4 in the regular season, as well as a record of 1-2 in the playoffs. The Ducks, who finished the regular season undefeated last year, won the first round and went on to play the Monstarz in the championship game. Despite defeating the Monstarz 18-11 in the regular season, the Ducks lost 23-22 in the final game of the season. The Ducks, however, are confident in their post season play. "We could have, and should have won that game last year," Spencer Knox told us. "But that's in the past, and we're looking to go back to the Championships again this year." The Ducks, who have all returning players from last season, have playoff experience and know what it takes to win the big games. "I think that our experience showed in the shootout against Richmond," Matt Kloepfer told us. "Their guys were real nervous before they took their shots, and our players were able to keep their composure. I think that's what won us the game." The Ducks are likely to be seeded 2nd or 3rd, depending on the last regular season game that still has to be played between the Duck Hunt and the Richmond Oilers. The Ducks, who lost to the Duck Hunt in the first game of the year, are looking to get revenge. "We were missing 2 of our best players," Rob Bondy recalled. "With Kloepfer and Carrol-Sherwin back in the lineup, we should really be able to give them a run." The Playoffs Begin 2 weeks after midterms. Affordable playoff ticket packages are now on sale. Contact the Blue Ducks Box office to purchase yours today.

Ducks Announce Next Regular Season Home Game 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, announced today that the next game will be against the Richmond Oilers on Friday, January 13th at 2:35 PM. The Oilers are currently tied with the Ducks and the Duck Hunt for second place with identical records of 2-1. "We're very excited to get back on the court again," said Spencer Knox. "We had a long break through Christmas and this week, and we're really looking forward to get back into our rhythem." It is unclear if starter Michael Carrol Sherwin will be back for the game or not. "It's up to my doctor," Mike told us. "If I'm not back for Friday, I'll be ready for the 5th round. We'll see what happens." Keep checking the Ducks web page for more information.

Carrol Sherwin Nearing Return 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, announced today that forward Mike Carrol Sherwin is nearing his return. Carrol Sherwin suffered a knee injury while skiing during preseason. "I'm excited to be back soon," Carrol Sherwin told us. "We had a great run last season, and coming back right in time for the do or die is very exciting." It is unclear if Carrol Sherwin will clear the IR before the 4th round, however he should be ready to go by round 5. Keep checking the page for more information.

Ducks to play And 7 on Monday 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, announced that the next regular season home game will be against And 7 on Monday, December 19th at 2:35 PM. "We're really looking to rebound," Rob Bondy told the press. "We had a tough loss against the hunt last week, and this is really going to be a frustration game, especially now that Kloepfer is returning." Last week, Matt Kloepfer was placed on the IR shortly before the start of the game, due to foot complications follow a skiing incident the day prior to the game. "It was bothing the heck out of me," said Kloepfer. "Luckily, I'm ready to come back and play strong against And 7." 

Duck Feathers:
The game against And 7 is Blue Duck alumni day. Last year's head coach Jason Jarett will be the honorary head coach of the game, and will be signing autographs after. Jarett, a fan favorite of the Lake George Warriors varsity team for two years, had a great run with the team. Given the nickname "Speedy Gon Jarett" for his lightning fast quickness on the court, Jarett was a fun player to watch. Matt Kloepfer will be returning from his position on the IR on monday. Mike Carrol Sherwin is listed as day to day, but will not play in the game on Monday.

Home Opener Reschedualed Again 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, have announced that the home opening game will be moved to Monday, December 11th after school. "Well, this is the second time it's been moved. Hopefully we'll be ready to go on monday," said Adam Pensel. Duck Feathers: Fan favorite for the Duck Hunt Mike Fischer, has decided to leave the team due to disagreements with the management and outside influential factors.

Carrol Sherwin Placed On IR Indefinently 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the LGIBL, announced today that Mike Carrol Sherwin has been placed on the injured reserve list, effective November 29th. Carrol Sherwin is out with a knee injury, and is expected back in 6-8 weeks. "This is a huge loss," said Ducks' guard Matt Kruczlnicki. "Carrol Sherwin is a presence on offense, and we need guys to really step it up without him." The Blue Ducks' first game is schedualed for Wednesday, November 30th at 2:35 PM. However, the league commisioner, Scott Snyder, is out ironically because of knee surgury. Keep checking the Ducks page for more information

Blue Ducks First Regular Season Game Announced 

The Blue Ducks, proud members of the Lake George Intramural Basketball League, announced today that the first regular season game has been schedualed for Wednesday, November 30th after school against the Duck Hunt. To view information on the Hunt, go to "The League" tab.

Kissane to Coach Team Cerrone

The Blue Ducks staff announced today that Matt Kissane is no longer the head coach of the Blue Ducks. Kissane, who was a member of the team during its first season, has played for the Lake George Warriors the past 3 years. "Whatever," said Spencer Knox. "If Kissane wants to coach Cerrone with [Ben] Boucher that's fine. We'll just find a better coach."

Pensel Steps Down 

The Blue Ducks announced today (November 8th, 2005) that Adam Pensel has resigned from his position as General Manager of the team, effective immediately, for undisclosed reasons. "From here on, the team will be run as an Association, with all members making decisions regarding the team," said Pensel. "For the team by the team so to speak." Keep checking the web page for more Blue Ducks information.

Denero; Ducks New PR

The Blue Ducks are proud to announce that Matt Denero has decided to retire from the game, and work with the team as the Public Relations Officer. Denero has been a long time supporter of the Blue Ducks and will be working on a few random projects for us, such as photography and videos, as well as publicity and equipment. "Denero has been great to the Blue Ducks and we're very excited to have him on board with us," said GM Adam Pensel. "Denero is a true Blue Duck and we wouldn't have it any other way."

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